Camp Info - Evolve Scooter Camp

Summer Camp Info

Evolve Scooter Camp is a summer camp that teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced scooter lessons. Our day camp program is based on similar principles of our skateboard camp and focuses on improving camper’s fundamental skills, balance, coordination and style. At Evolve Scooter Camp we also pride ourselves on teaching scooter riders etiquette in the park so they can co-exist with skateboarders in a positive way.

At Evolve Scooter Camp, the mornings are spent in a group setting practicing fundamental scooter skills. After lunch, campers are given time to work on the tricks they are trying to master. Under the supervision of our staff stationed throughout the park, campers begin to challenge themselves and each other by working on improvements through repetition. Our coaches are on hand to work with campers to correct flaws and to accelerate learning.


The Camp Schedule 
7:30am-8:30am Pickup by Bus
9:30am Arrive at Skate Park, Camp Announcements, Intro to Day’s events and schedule
9:45am Gear Check – All Campers will check their scooters to make sure they’re working properly. Staff will ensure all campers are wearing appropriate safety gear
10:00am Breakup into Groups, Begin Stretching Session
10:00am Scooter Instruction
12:00pm Lunch- Please pack a lunch from Home
1:00pm Scooter Instruction and Frees Ride
2:00pm Swim (if pool)
3:00pm Depart
4-4:30pm Drop off by bus