Skateparks - Evolve Scooter Camp


Richmond Green Skatepark

At Richmond Green skate park campers are introduced to basic level street and vert obstacles. The park’s large 6ft half pipe is an excellent stepping-stone for students who are new to vert riding. The parks open concept allows campers to get comfortable with a large skate park without being exposed to larger amounts of riders.

Markham Skatepark

At Markham Skatepark, Campers riding experience gets taken to the next level. Markham’s vert design introduces campers to the next level of ridining. The parks large range of run ups and quarter pipes allows campers to take flight and learn how to perform grab and spin maneuvers. This park’s unique design also allows beginners to advance their street riding skills.

King City Skatepark

Brand new skatepark built in the Fall of 2012. It features a huge 12 foot bowl, as well as a double set, hips, and hubbas. 

Ashbridges Bay  Skatepark

Ashbridges Bay is one of our favorite spots in Toronto. It has amazing features, a brand new massive pool and its right beside the beach!

Eigth Street  Skatepark

Eighth street skatepark has a very unique street skatepark design. Its large banks and low cribs allows campers to evolve their street riding skills. Eighth street also has a small peanut shape bowl which is great for campers who are a bit more advanced at vert riding.

Iceland Skatepark

Iceland skatepark has something for everything. It’s wide layout allows for perfect runs for all levels of riding. The park has great run up to quarter pipes for air tricks and the 5ft bowl is great for all levels of riderrs. A great feature of Iceland skatepark is the small sets of stairs which are great for beginner campers to take the tricks they have  learned to the next level.

Underpass Skatepark (rainy day park)

Under pass skatepark is our rainy day skatepark. Located Underneath the DVP, Underpass is the perfect spot to stay dry. The parks street layout design is perfect for all levels of riding. From the rails to the large range of different size ledges Underpass has something for everyone.